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Upwork Tracking Time

Hello Upwork community, 


I am working for a client $4 per hour. In the last 3 days I have worked more than 1 hour each day (around 75 minutes oer day). However in the tracking time it says much lower numbers like 0:10 hours. 


Also the total amount of payment for one day is $0.67 


Why is this so ? If my working hour is $4, why is it counting much much lower and where can I react about this? 




Thanks in advance, 

Angelina Cvetkovska

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It sounds like you are using the time-tracker as a time clock.


It is not a time clock.


It intentionally excludes time segments with insufficient mouse/keyboard activity.

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The time tracker is only going to activly track your time if your mouse is clicking or your are typing. I run into this problem sometimes when I'm proofreading. I'm working, but I'm not moving much, so there are times it won't track. 


Depending on your work, you should be doing something active on your computer with the mouse or keyboard where it registers. It also takes photos at random to show your clients. If it's not tracking, make sure you have the latest update. Turn it off, restart everything, sometimes that does the trick for me.

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