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Upwork UX bug when applying to projects as agency manager

Dear support!


I'm running the agency where we mostly create websites, doing one by one UX design, graphic design and development. Usually, this means 3-4 people from the agency participate in the project, doing their part each.


Often as an agency manager, I need to apply for the job on behalf of my agency members, but that's impossible when I am invited by the client first.


I see this ridiculous contradiction, that notice says I do can submit proposals in the name of other freelancers, but the button is not active (I'm viewing it from the agency profile). 

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Also, when I have started the job in my name, I can't apply from other freelancers in my agency either. 


Is it me doing something wrong, or Upwork having UX bugs?


Hi Dmytro,


Can you please send me more information via PM by clicking on my name so that I can try to replicate the steps you're taking. Thank you! 

~ Joanne
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