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Upwork apps are broken

To Upwork team: How come you run that huge freelancing portal and still you can't get someone to fix your apps to work properly? For over 2 years I work using your messaging app with time tracker. I think at first it was ok, but something is really broken now.
1. Really often I receive messages on phone app and on pc few minutes later.
2. Sometimes I get notifications about messages that I already received like 30 minutes ago.
3. When your apps try to fix these first issues it often ends up showing messages in wrong order - some new messages are before messages that were written before. Once I had this situation when a message from a few days ago appeared as a new one (but still showing proper old date). My client also has these issues. We really want to use your apps for communication, they look nice and clean but it's REALLY broken. Time tracking feature is great too. This is why we still use Upwork. But I'm starting to wonder why do we pay you for app that broken...

To other freelancers and clients - do you have similar problems?

Retired Team Member
Retired Team Member

Hi Lukasz,

Thank you for your feedback, I will share this with our team.
If you have screenshots about the problems 2 and 3 please send them to me via PM, or if you encounter the same problem please take sreenshots.

~ Goran
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