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Upwork asked for Identification Verification twice. Now its broken.

Upwork has asked for my ID verification twice. I think it's because the first time I didnt type my name correctly. The first time I submitted it was verified a few days later. Then as soon as I applied to jobs it asked for ID verification again which I submitted. Now its been a week and no changes and I can't apply to jobs. Whenever I try to apply it just reloads the page. I'm worried its going to be overlooked because It's been verified once. I will attach pictures of the Verified emails and the string of emails showing that it asked for verification twice. I would appreciate it if you could free up my account! I really want to use up my connects for this month.


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Hi Hailey,


I see the team has already addressed this issue via a phone call. You should be able to apply for jobs now. Please, let us know if you are still unable to apply or have any further questions.

~ Valeria
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