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Upwork automatically give refund

upwork give refund to my client without asking me i work day and night after that client just want refund in hourly protection and upwork give it to the client what it is can someone please see what is going on...please 


Hi Hasanur,


Thank you for reaching out to us. I checked and it seems that you already created a support ticket for the issue you are experiencing. Please allow more time for our team to review your case and respond accordingly to your ticket. You will be notified of their response.


~ Nikola
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#36159372 please send someone to reply on this ticket no one replying at least need someone to explainwhat going on

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please notify upwork to my problem its long time no one solving my problem please can you make this problem a emergency please request someone to see my support ticket

Support is aware of your situation because you said you have contacted them and have an active ticket. However, as others have said, there is nothing Upwork can or will do. You have not been scammed, you have a disagreement with a long-term client who feels you cheated them.


It doesn't matter if you feel it is an emergency, Upwork still can't help you. Stop blaming others for whatever took place between you and your client.

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Only if you used the time tracker 100% correctly will Upwork possibly pay you. If you didn't use it, you will never get paid for this job.

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Is this the job for which you charged $90/hour, when your profile rate is $6/hour? What's going on with that? And has Upwork needed to give you payment protection for another recent contract?

I thought it was the same one, but considering the situation it certainly could be another client.

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You have still  not explained in your other thread or here why you worked for an hourly rate of $90 when your profile rate is $6. Upwork probably is perceiving this as gaming the system since there is no good reason why you didn't work for your hourly rate. 

Your hourly rate is the rate you set either because you believed that this is the going rate for the kind of work you do, or it makes sense to you in your particular situation. Of course you can adjust it any time you want, if you have clients willing to pay it. Why would a legit client hire you for 15 times more? You must have provided upwork with that explanation when arguing your case. Share it here also. 

if client want to hire me why i need to explain is that under upwork policy that i have to explain why i am taking more then my profile have i have long relation with client in other project so i asked client to pay me all in the upwork once i am not taking any payment outside the upwork which is violation of upwork i am following the upwork rule and guide so i think you guys need to give me explanation not me...

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Why was this long-relation client with pending payments seems so angry? Calling you names because you didn't respond to his refund request?



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because he is a cheater i did work for him for a week now he want refund...


and did not you see he called me very bad word..


and don't you see??????

he is cheater now he want refund because he think he made mistake it was suppose to be 8 dollar in his word but we talk and agree in 90 dollar becuase i have to buy stock footage from website for this video and may effect i have purchase from website you don't understand this thing

If you used the time tracker 100% correctly, Upwork might pay you for the hours you logged at your $6 rate because those are the rules. No way are they going to pay you the $90 rate. And if you didn't use the time tracker,  you are never going to get paid anything for this job.

So what was the amount of the expenses you paid for?

BTW, upwork can see when you changed your hourly rate. For this contract, it was 6 per hour, so this is what applies if you used the time tracker correctly. 

i used time track correctly but upwork refund all money to client this is strange at least upwork cna ask me what is going on after that upwork can make any decision right..i am so upset about how client can cheat in upwork 

So you need to address that with your client, not upwork. They can't give you money they don't have. 

What does the client say about this situation?

So again, Upwork won't pay you $90/hour if your profile rate is $6/hour - that makes you look dishonest. (And now I see that you've changed your profile rate to $60/hour - that's not going to fool them, either. The sudden increase is also going to hurt your chances of landing new clients, because they can see that $60 is more than you've been charging for most of your entire projects.) 


Were you able to provide the client with receipts that proved you had spent the remaining $84/hour - for however many hours that you charged - on the stock footage? If not, I can see why he thinks that you cheated him, and why Upwork issued the refund. You made a mistake in the way that you set up this project, so if you don't learn from this, it will happen again, **Edited for Community Guidelines**

**Edited for Community Guidelines** i make now 60 dollar becuase i am going to take big project from my old client its for another project it is not related to previous one becuase previous one is already in dispute right i know that **Edited for Community Guidelines** and i have been taking with client for month we discuss we are doing project but i make him to pay me all those at once by upwork that's what i want to say did not hearing me????? then he agree with me and said okay i will make this big contract and i will pay you at once but now the work is done he refund the money so now the 1 month of work is for nothing for me......and i make now my profile 60 dollar becuase i have my old client so he is now going to hire me for manage his youtube channel script writing and find stock footage so i am making sure everything is perfect with  the upcoming project ......... **Edited for Community Guidelines**

You are going to work for this client again? I would not hire you at any price. There are too many red flags in your profile. You went from 9 - 60 dollars an hour? Changing your profile for a client makes no sense. There are other ways to set up projects and you need to learn them.  You can't change your history and expect Upwork nor clients are going to notice.

So you have a new contract that the client has set up at $60 hr? If so, that's great. But you are not going to get the money from the client and job you originally posted about.

But if everything was fine and agreed upon, why did the client get angry, call you names, and claw his money back? That makes no sense. What is missing in your story? The only thing that makes sense is that the client was surprised by your charges, which would explain his reaction. 

OK, you used the time tracker correctly. No, you did not. You decided to break the rules and tried to cover yourself by changing your fees. You knew what you were doing and tried to hide it in your hourly fee. You could have asked for help to ensure you would have a valid contract.


This isn't ' a scammer chargeback. You said this was a long-term client that wanted to work with you. Whatever you did to the client made them very angry. Angry enough to do a chargeback on the work done by their long-term freelancer.


In this situation, Upwork is not responsible to ensure you get paid. It isn't an Upwork problem, it is your problem with your client. You know what happened with your client - don't blame anyone but yourself. The client didn't cheat you. You started by charging an enormous increase in your fees and it went downhill from there.


Again - Upwork is not involved with a chargeback. However, there is ample evidence in your profile that something very strange is going on. 




You should have asked the client to directly pay for the stock footage. Charging far above your hourly rate means that you have no payment protection and it was a very strange way to set up the contract. The time that you charge for and your expenses should be separate.

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I see, so:


- This client made you buy video footage some times ago.

- He will pay for that video in that last project. He posted a $4/hr job and agreed with your $90/hr proposal.

- Then he got angry. He called you names.


Why did he got so angry all of a sudden?

As I said in your other thread, this makes no sense, and there is more to the story. Your profile makes no sense either, and I see you have increased your rate ten times over. Did you suddenly gain skills that qualify you for more than your $15 and $20 jobs? I have never seen a freelancer make that kind of jump. If I were looking at your profile, I would be highly suspicious.


Until you explain exactly what you did or bought for the client, there is no way to determine what happened. Whatever happened, apparently, your client was not happy. If they are a good long-term client why can't you resolve this matter?

Here is the explanation:

You are a freelancer who earns $10 or $15 dollars. You have a project consultation for $5.00 for 30 minutes. Yet now, suddenly, you are an expert who commands sixty dollars an hour, still far less than you wanted to be paid by the client you angered. You don't think Upwork is going to notice? You don't think they can see what you did?  Your explanation continued:

You did not follow the rules and apparently gouged the client who fought back. Then you created fake profile numbers to try and look legitimate. You aren't getting the money you didn't earn. End of explanation.

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You're losing more money than you'd have made, even at $90 an hour, with all the time you're wasting disputing the payment.

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I am totally lost with your saga.  You charge $6/hr and you found a buyer to pay you $90/hr.  Then you raised your rate to $60/hr.  You also claim that you bought a video for the buyer and your payment included that video.


Now whatever happens in your current situation, in future don't buy stuff for people.  I tell people that due to copy right issues it is better that they buy the stuff - they will be the owner.  If I buy I will be the owner.  I also, tell them if I have to spend my money I will charge 60% more.  20% Upwork fee and the taxes I will have to pay on that income.


And when you come on the forum for help, be truthful.

thank you sir but problem is i talk with client in whatsapp so i can not send you what originally happen if i can send you those message you will understand my situation sir but now i did work for him you know for a long time for this payment and now everything just gone so i am very upset and broken at least someone understand that can make me calm down at least

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C, J, M! You are here as upwork advocates or client's advocates? Just not understanding your interrogation and its purpose.

I believe he is here as a freelancer advocate.

I was referring to three of the inquisitors. Its like you are 'guilty until proven innocent' instead of 'innocent until proven guilty'. People perhaps don't understand the meanings of contract and community.

Oh, sorry.

You need to read the freelancer's posts. It is the particular freelancer and his actions that determine the response.

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I'm a non-native English speaker and I know a non-native English speaker when I see one.


The thread starter is not a polyglot as he claimed in his profile. That alone is enough for me to decide who should I side with ðŸ˜‚

If someone posts in the forum asking for advice, it's often necessary to ask questions to understand what's going on. If the OP doesn't want anyone to comment, he has an open ticket with Upwork and doesn't have to engage with the community - it was his choice. Sometimes I side with the freelancer and sometimes I side with the client, whatever I think is fair. Clients are part of the community, too, and I often see freelancers just assuming that they're guilty, without bothering to get any facts.

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Well Nabeel if you follow the whole thread you will see why many are skeptical about the story.  I still don't get it.  Do you?

Hi Prashant! That was not my point. Its upwork job to decide after looking at the evidence who is guilty like what was in contract, what work was done and did client get angry for right reason or no reason. Its just doesn't seem cool to me that instead of offering advices, tips and support, people first reaction is 'it must be your fault'. Even if it is his fault, it can be paraphrased much better to keep some weight in the word community.

It is not Upwork's job to decide after looking at the evidence who is guilty like what was in contract, what work was done and did client get angry for right reason or no reason. But I used to think that too, and many people still do.

No. Upwork makes no judgment in a dispute. Upwork tries to get the client and freelancer to find a resolution - that's it.


The freelancer in question has already posted multiple times about this situation. If you read any of his posts, you will understand why no one is offering sympathy.

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