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Upwork automatically give refund

upwork give refund to my client without asking me i work day and night after that client just want refund in hourly protection and upwork give it to the client what it is can someone please see what is going on...please 

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 people first reaction is 'it must be your fault'.


I don't usually "side with Upwork" as I mentioned a couple of times that I never put 100% trust on Upwork or similar sites. We can see at some recent threads for the reasons that doesn't change for ~2 decades.


But this is one of a few exceptions.


Thread starter (in the other thread) claimed that he was threatened by a client. I happened to see the screenshot before it got deleted, it was not a threat but a desperation from the client because the thread starter ignored him about something.


I looked at the job, a $4/hr project, but done at $90/hr for 10 hours. TS' rate was $6. A quick conclusion, it was a mistake. Do you not think the same?


That was before a number of additonal excuses that still hard for me get some sense from it.


The TS was interpreting "take the opportunity whenever you see it" too literally 😂 What was he expecting? Upwork side with clients most of the time, even on some cases where freelancer follow all the rules or client is truly a scammer. In this case, client (which is historically a good client) made a mistake and it'll be very weird if upwork side with the TS. Don't forget that client can do the notorious chargeback to his bank and TS will still lose.

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If upwork does not do judgements, any client can get refund for any made up reason and disputes has no meaning other than giving someone time to come to terms with the loss.

His rate was 6$ per hour but contract was done at 90$ per hour, it is abnormal but its also important to see that did he do the work worth 90$ per hour along with purchases he was supposed to make. He has 97% JSS with 39 jobs and that means more to me about his skills than whatever his rate is.

As client was long term, client always had the option of ending the contract. If work was not done or very poorly done, someone have to judge that work to see that otherwise it is whatever client wants and hourly protection holds no meaning. I couldn't see the screenshot so can't really say anything about client's reason. Also, upwork can easily find if client is real or fake.

It is also worth remembering that scammers exist on both sides.

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disputes has no meaning other than giving someone time to come to terms with the loss

I see it's kind of a normal thing on internet-based businesses/services right now (since years ago actually)


The concept is, they don't want to take sides. So they leave the arguing parties to solve the arguments by themselves. They only hold whatever they can hold (in Upwork it's money).


They'll use something else (in Upwork it's Arbitration) if their helping with the disputes still meet with a dead end.


The Upwork-moderated disputes will happen if all parties does not break any rules (by their definition at least). A $90 rate in this case does not adhere to those rules. And you can't challenge the rules easily.

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