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Upwork becoming too expensive. I'm giving up .

Hello freelancers. 

I'm a Top Rated Plust freelancer in the past, at this moment just Top Rated since my earnings dropped etc. I never had a bad feedback even by single client. My JSS is 100% 


Just simple statistics here: 

Before this bidding system I was able to invest $100 to buy connects and to apply for 100 jobs. So my statistics says, I'm getting 1-3 contracts for each 100 proposals.


Now, I've invested $100 I've applied only to 8 jobs, only 2 was reviewed, and I had 0 interviews and 0 contracts. 

Honestly this must cost me $1500 to get proper amount of connects, to apply to the jobs. But! You never know the client's plans. 

I have a two contracts, they both are just there without income at this moment . The clients was asking for the long term some exact hours per week work, we agreed, then they by some financial issues disappeared. 


My last cooperation ended with earnings of $750 ( with some bonuses included) . 


I don't know if I invest 1500$ to be able to apply to 100 jobs and to get some 1-3 contracts, will it work for me or I'll just spend money and time? There's no guarantees. 

It looks like I'm spending time on nothing. 


I just mean, how do you get new jobs? 

Maybe I need to drop my hourly rate?

Any ideas? 

I'm giving up, confused, I don't know. 

I do understand there's a lot of lay offs etc. 

But this seems unfair, paying for availability badge, for boosting profile, for boosting proposal.... And getting nothing ((


Have a good day everybody. 

Thank you. 


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