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Upwork blocks money by a Weird error in Bank Account setup page.

Critical error on UpWork portal, that blocks money withdrawal. 

When setting up the payment information, bank account does not pass a page verification. Regexp does not let it pass. Regexp checks that the account has 20 digits, but also blocks accounts starting with "40802..." digits. However this is a special Individual Enterpreneur type of bank accounts, so this must work when I choose an Individual Enterpreneur type of the bank account some fields lower. 

Seems like someone who implemented the page did this critical bug. Or product manager did not figure this out correctly. 

Anyway, money are blocked on UpWork, as UpWork's implementation does not allow to withdraw them. Support cannot set my payment information up manually - so dunno how to overcome this. 

Any idea on how to get it resolved? 


Hi Sviatoslav,


Your concern has been escalated to our payment team for investigation. Once they have more information regarding the issue, they will update your ticket to assist you directly. We thank you for your patience while our team reviews your case. 

~ Joanne

Hi Everyone, 

I found out that the blocking relates to a payment method page design in UpWork. The page contains a definite blocking regexp (see attached screenshot) that prevents using accounts starting with "40802...".

This type of accounts is a special type for legal individual enterpreneurs in Russia. And this is the only legal way to earn money and report it to tax authorities transparently. 

Does it mean that UpWork discriminates legal entities of this kind and prohibits withdrawing money? Or does UpWork stimulate other ways of withdrawing, but the transparent legal one?

Support does not help much, not responding for about 48 hours (just "we're looking") and giving copypastes from instructions, that do not relate to a problem. 

Dear Community, what other way to escalate a problem to really competent people in UpWork do you know? Except publishing this whereever I can in social networks? 

Hi Sviatoslav,


I checked on your concern with our Payment team and they confirmed that they are aware of this issue and are working to fix it as soon as possible. We will keep you updated via the support ticket.


Thanks for your patience as we're getting this resolved.

~ Valeria