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Upwork deleted my ticket / request without even solve it.

I chat with the support team yesterday to file a dispute with a client that doesn't wanted to pay.
They created a ticket.
Today when I tried to enter and to follow up, is not even there... it's just like I never did anything, it's not closed or open, it's gone. They even sent an email with the information, the funny part it's I have tickets there from 4 years ago still, but they decided to erase this forever.

Below is the link they sent me, and I also attached a screen capture of the email.


"Your request (#20915173) has been updated. You may reply directly to this email or by opening the link below:"


I don't think that this kind of behavior is valid for a support area, I even pay monthly fee for Upwork  (I'm   also Top Rated Freelancer) and the promise better attention and I found this, even worse the never file the dispute giving the client the opportunity to cancel the contract without provide any feedback to alert other users.

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi David, 

I checked your account and can see that the ticket is open. When you mean the request was deleted, do you mean that it's not showing on your My Requests page? The ticket should also be available on your email inbox. 

If it's not available on your My Requests page, will you please send a screen grab of how your page looks like?

UPDATE: I checked your My Requests page, and can see that the ticket you are referring to is missing from the page. I've asked the Customer Suppor Team to look into this and they will reach out to you through the most recent ticket you filed should they have more information. 
I've also edited out the chat transcript you have uploaded as it violates the Upwork Community Guidelines. Just the same, I have downloaded a copy for myself for the Customer Support Team's reference.

~ Avery
Community Member

Hi Avery.


I file a new request.  But because of the failure and delay caused by the missing ticket, this client cancelled the contract, and now it's *impossible* to give him a proper feedback to alert to other freelancers in Upwork that this client is a scammer.

So my questions are:

1. Is there anything that can be done to allow provide feedback to that contract?
2. In a expected movement the client not only didn't pay, but want a refund...Can this case be reviewed to file a dispute.??
3. All this caused partially by a missing / delayed ticket, is there anything I can do to work around this fail?


So far I'm taking screenshots of every step I'm doing in the platform, in order to have a proof that I'm doing what I'm saying, just in case any other other ticket or post get deleted.  This is something I recommend to do from now on to any other freelancer that creates a ticket.

Hi David,

The team will be reaching out to you with information regarding these questions directly via your ticket shortly, thanks!

Community Member

Same issue just happened to me. Upwork deleted my ticket (24512768) regarding a dispute. Very suspect and unprofessional. I just created another one asking what happened to the ticket.

Hi Tudor,

I checked the ticket you are referring to on your post, and can see that you should still be able to access it here, and in your email inbox, with subject "Hi,I have a dispute regarding non-release of ..." Let me know if you are unable to access it so that I can share this with the team and they can look into this further for you.

~ Avery
Community Member

Tudor L wrote:

Same issue just happened to me. Upwork deleted my ticket (24512768) regarding a dispute. Very suspect and unprofessional. I just created another one asking what happened to the ticket.

Wouldn't it make more sense to ask if there was a glitch that caused the dispute message to not be visible before assuming that had been deleted? 

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