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Upwork didn't update my profile "Relevant Jobs" section since February

Hi, I am wondering why Upwork didn't update my profile "Relevant Jobs" in "Webflow expert" talent search results since Feb 27, 2022 ? I have at least 3 relevant cases after that latest update.

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Hi Sedrak,


If you're referring to the total number of Contracts on your Profile, I can confirm that you have a total of 27 Contracts on your All Contracts page (26 Completed and 1 In Progress) which has reflected on your profile as well. Let us know if you need further assistance and we'll look further into that for you.


~ Arjay

Hi Arjay, 

Thanks for the quick response. I am about the "Relevant Jobs". I just notest when clients search "Webflow expert" keyword it shows me in the list with only 10 relevant jobs to that search. But in fact, I have 3 more relevant jobs and 1 relevant in-progress job that are not updated and not shown in my profile search result. I realize that the latest relevant job that was shown there was completed on 27 Feb 2022 and since then there was no updates. 

Screenshots attached

Hi Sedrak,


Thank you for reaching out. I've checked this with our team and can confirm that t is by design that not all jobs will show as a suggested match in the search results. Though we cannot provide the details of the algorithm, rest assured that this has been checked by the relevant team and verified that it is working as expected.

~ AJ
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