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Upwork disables TransferWise Borderless

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Fernando S Member Since: Jul 27, 2019
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This sounds a bit biased thing to publish, unless you actually got your perfectly regular documents already checked and not approved and lost your money or got no response after a bunch of days, which is unusual, their support is very responsive and attentive. Personally I continue to use TransferWise and I can only recommend it to everyone.

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Moeen S Member Since: Feb 15, 2020
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Hello, can somebody confirm that TW euro account numbers works in Upwork?

Upwork transfer rate from USD to TL is very bad, I want to transfer my money to TW Euro account. is it possible in Upwork?

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Kevin V Member Since: Nov 20, 2018
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This sucks man!


It's 2020 and it's still the same! 


They should really consider letting Transferwise be a payment option. Freelancers who don't use USD pay an extra fee for converting their upwork earnings to their native currency. I would've thought Upwork would do something about this considering the huge fees they charge freelancers. 



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You Siang J Member Since: Sep 10, 2020
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Hi All:
you can see my document
I hope I can help you.
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robert b Member Since: Jun 29, 2020
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Hi anyone got an update with whether they can withdraw to transferwise through the local bank payment option? It looks like one of the few options I can use since transferring directly to my actual local bank hasn't worked yet. Thanks

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ilbey U Member Since: Nov 7, 2020
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I create additional payment way. 

I firstly failed. Because I didn't understand to How to do

But when ı understand how to do, I delete and re-create

My transfer was came, When I wake up

But this time, I saw " verification failed" 


What Can I do Smiley Sad((

Joanne Marie P Moderator Member Since: Nov 26, 2017
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Hi Ilbey,


Please know that Transferwise is currently not supported as a Payment Method on Upwork. You can check the available options by going to your Get Paid page (Settings > Get Paid), and clicking on the "Add method" button. You may also refer to this help article for more information on payment methods available on Upwork. 

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Jamil A Member Since: May 7, 2011
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Hi Joanne,


Thanks for letting us know that we can not add Transferwise(Global currency account - USD ACH) to withdraw payments from Upwork. In the meantime, I see that we can add Payoneer (Global payment service) - USD ACH) account to withdraw the payments into our virtual USD account.

Can you let us know what is the reason that you are not allowing the Transferwise (Multi-Currency) accounts but allowing the Payoneer (Multi-Currency) accounts?

Goran V Moderator Member Since: Mar 24, 2017
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Hi Jamil,


While we are not able to confirm why the option is not available, we will make sure to inform the Community if new options become available soon. However, thank you for your feedback I will share it with our team.

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Robbin v Member Since: Sep 6, 2016
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I think it is not so much a matter of not being able to confirm why the option is not available, because there is no legal difference between a virtual bank account from Payoneer, TransferWise or other providers, but rather that you do not want to confirm why you are trying to block every attempt at using TransferWise.


To all freelancers and without going into detail: yes, it is possible to use TransferWise's virtual USD bank account to withdraw your earnings from Upwork, despite what staff is saying.