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Upwork does not want you to be able to only view posts in your subcategory

This site's officially become a waste of time for me.

I've emailed CS and posted about this on the support section of the forum and the conversation always gets diverted to advanced searches, when I was only wanting to view what's been posted in the Voice Talent subcategory.

A few months ago, I figured out that in the top right-hand corner of every post there was a (sub)category tag hotlink corresponding to where the buyer had posted. So, I bookmarked it in order to be able to only have to browse the work that I'm here and qualified for.


Then, they stripped the hotlink out of the posts, but kept the text.

As of today, the link takes me to all new posts on the entire platform.

So, the only way I can search for jobs is to scroll through piles of posts having nothing to do with my services via advanced search.

Why, if sellers are the main source of revenue on the platform, would they want to make it so difficult to find posts focused solely on the services they provide?

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