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Upwork emails not working properly

Previously, when a client posts a job, they get an email for every new proposal submitted, if they ticked that option in their notification preferences.

Now, nothing gets sent, even if they have that preference set.


Could this be the reason for the recent decline in client propensity to view proposals? As in, any proposals at all. I mean, there are way too many jobs now where the client just posted and never came back to review proposals - way more than used to be the case.

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Is this based on your experience as a client, not just a FL? I'm not a client, so my only insight into the process comes from the Support articles and the forum.

Actually, this was my experience from posting several jobs in the past few weeks.

It just dawned on me that I never received any email stating, "x" just applied to your job, even though I have my preferences checked to receive such emails.


In previous years (2021 and backwards), I was sure to receive a notification when a new freelancer applied to my job posting. Not anymore.

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