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Upwork forcing freelancers to waste connects?

Almost every job I apply for over the last week or two looks like the attached image, where the top 3-5 bidders all submit 50 connects at the same time. 


Either someone has multiple accounts and is trying to guarantee that their proposal gets viewed, or there's something very wrong at Upwork and I'd rather not make accusations at this point. 


Upwork haven't commented on this in over a week. 

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Bidding AI bots at work? It sure does seem like a possibility. 

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Maybe the best thing is just stop worrying about the connects issue, and . . . buy Upwork stock?


Then, all those connects will be funding your dividends, and . . . all that's dark - becomes light.


Or something.

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Scammers create multiple accounts, are suspended and return, or abandon a bad profile, and do it all over again.


When people sign up, they use all those nice free connects to slam clients. That's why you see "50" so often. Usually it's unskilled and/or farmers doing anything with those free connects to get a job for someone who has no marketable skills.

it's a win win for Upwork, as it encourages genuine freelancers to outbid the scammers and spend more money on connects. Upwork have done nothing about the problem and it once again shows their focus on making money over protecting freelancers 

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