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Upwork freelancer in Switzerland


my name is Chiara Ricci and I'm about to relocate in Switzerland and I'll open a sole proprietorship. Whith this legal form I won't have a Vat number because in Switzerland you don't need one if you don't reach 100000 CHF per year but I'll have to make tax declaration so I have to produce invoices. I read that if you don't have a VAT number you can just add your bank account and you'll recieve money there. But I can't understand if these money will be with or without taxes. If the money on my bank account are without taxes I can consider them already payed and I don't have to make an invoice? 

Hope that a freelancer from Switzerland will read this because I'm really afraid of making mistakes and my tax counselor doesn't know how upwork works.

Thank you



Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Chiara,


Please note that Upwork is applying and remitting VAT only on its service fee, membership fee and for purchasing additional Connects, in case a freelancer from the EU doesn’t provide a valid VAT number. You’ll need to consult a local tax advisor regarding any charges that might apply to the services you provide to your clients.


Thank you! 

~ Bojan