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Upwork has locked my manual time privileges for a previous week.

Upwork has locked my manual time privileges for a previous week. I didn't have the time and desire to log my hours with all the work I was solving.


As a freelancer, I should be able to make my invoices and reports when it is comfortable within my schedule.


I don't mind weekly billing, but I should be able to bill old hours if the client agrees they were worked.


Can you unlock my previous week?

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Upwork didn't "do" anything.
This is how the system works. This is just Upwork's source code working the way it alway does.


Your understanding of manual time is incorrect.


The time for you to log manual time is immediately after a work session ends.


If you have questions about this, please feel free to ask.



re: "Can you unlock my previous week?"


That is not going to happen.


You may explain briefly to your client about the mistake that you made and you may then ask the client if you can log those hours using this week's work diary, or you may ask the client to pay for your time using the client-side "Pay bonus" ("Send bonus") tool. Or you may simply say nothing and eat the loss.

What if it is Tuesday?

And I work for 8 hours today?


And I'm planning to enter my time at the end of the week?

But the client closes the contract on Wednesday?

Now I can't get paid!


Has the client done anything wrong?



Has the client broken any rules?


Will Upwork help me get my money?


Whose mistake was this?
The freelancer is the person who made the mistake.


As a freelancer, I don't assume that all of my clients are made of money or have infinite funds. I log my manual time immediately after every work session. This way the client has access to accurate, up-to-date information about how much she is getting billed.

It is a sign of respect to my client for me to log my manual time quickly. It also helps prevent me from losing pay if the contract is unexpectedly paused or if the contract is unexpectedly closed or if the contract unexpectedly has manual time blocked.

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Community Manager

Hi Samuel,


Manual time can be added to the current billing period before the Work Diary is locked, and only for intervals that you have not already logged time in.


Your client can issue the bonus payment for the time you were not able to add to your Work Diary. You can share this help article with them for more information.


Thank you!

~ Bojan
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