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Upwork iOS app - view in fullscreen

In the past we could view pictures in full screen on phone and for some time now we can't, because there's that white header with "Done" button that can't be hidden and my picture scales down to fit under the header. It's annoying, I'm designing mobile stuff to view on full iPhone screen, so everytime I send a pic via your app, my client has to download it on his iPhone and then view in full screen. 😕 That's bad UX. Why don't make pictures viewable on full screen and just tap to close them? I think it was like this before and it was intuitive.

I'm trying to understand... Why?... What's good about that solution with header? Can we please have it like in any other app?

Retired Team Member
Retired Team Member

Hi Lukasz,

I have shared your feedback about viewing pictures in full screen with our product managers, and can confirm that this option will be prioritized in the near future.

Regarding your second point, it has never showed attachments without the Done button and always has scaled the image to fit the screen.

~ Goran
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