Upwork invite algorithm bad. eLance invite algorithm goooood.

Before all you kudo seeking commentators dive on let me make my point.


When is Upwork going to fix the invite algorithm?  The CEO told the newspaper months ago that the merger was about getting clients and freelancers matched up quicker and to meet both's needs better.


I am stil geting invites from eLance.  100% of them accurately reflect what I do.  On Upwork I get several invites per day. 0% match what I do.


I should be a simple matter to match words written in the client's job with words written in the freelancer's profile and put together those that match.


I don't even bother to respond anymore as it's just completely useless to both me and the client.


Now those kudo seeking narcissits have at it.






mmmmmmm kudos


Walker, FWIW, I don't get anymore Elance invites.  They've just stopped completely.  I get lots of UpWork invites, but almost none are suited to me.  I think most of us have complained about that at some point here.  


Please note that if you just fail to respond, you may start getting no invites, and then, in a few years, when they actually get around to fixing the algorithm, you will be out of luck.  It is probably wise to continue to respond, even if it is only to say, "thanks, but no thanks."


You may now kudo me.



Going back to this comment, "Now those kudo seeking narcissits have at it," I just thought of a *great* idea. Upwork apparently keeps track of every bestowed kudo, so why not display a list of Top Kudoing Members? Isn't it better to give than receive? This would also help alleviate kudo envy, if there is such a thing, by increasing the likelihood that each post & reply will be kudoed, and might also disincentivize fishing for kudos. Cat Wink

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I think there's more of a problem with people thinking people are fishing for kudos than there is with people fishing for kudos...

@Stephen B wrote:

I think there's more of a problem with people thinking people are fishing for kudos than there is with people fishing for kudos...

 I'm sorry for being off-topic, but instead of kudos, is there a mean to get chocolate cookies? I can PM my postal address to anyone willing to send me chocolate cookies. Kudos, you may keep them, just send me cookies!

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I gave Stephen B Christmas cookies the other day...so here's for you:



I call them Kudo Chocolate Chip, so enjoy the Kudos. 



Thanks.  That is what I want: the moderators to tell the developers about the complaints so that the developers fix that.


BTW the oddest thing just happened.  I got an invite related to what I do.  That person took the time to actually read my profile as they put my name in their invite.  They must have been browsing profiles instead of responding to suggesstions shown by Upwork.







Forgive me for mixing my metaphors, but if you could get rid of this, by now wearing thin, bee in your bonnet and chip on your shoulder about kudos and regular contributors, you might get some good constructive discussion going, and some better answers to your questions. The regular contributors you for some reason have it in for have helped infinitely more people on this site than you pprobably ever will, and have fought tirelessly for answers to problems, highlighting of injustices, and clarity, openness and transparency on this site. None of them ever asked for, nor probably wanted,  any kudos, or payment. They just contribute every day, as I am doing now. I agree with you that the algorithms /robots on here are woeful and need to be improved vastly before they are unleashed at making decisions affecting people's livelihoods,  and there are several other threads active at the moment about this subject.


 So why not join in on them? You wil find that those kudos-seeking narcissists are reguar, frustrated, helpful, friendly, determined, good people. Together we can change the world (orthis little part of it) - for everyone's sake.

I kutoed everyone for good measure. Even the guru guy.


And, I haven't gotten any Elance invites in a couple of weeks now but I have 6 that I never responded to so I have no idea of autoinvites got shut off for me.


I wouldn't be surprised if they shut off the lights in January. It's a ghost town over there.

Hey buddy, that's a $1 Million dollar algorithm your talking about there. Be a little more appreciative.



I love the subject line. And I feel you - I do. I came from Elance as well and it hasn't been a great transition. However, you are among good people here. These are exactly the people that you want to learn from - trust me on that. Even if you just read their responses and remain silent yourself - pay attention. 


Algorithms are only as bad as the people who program them incorrectly and without having done any research on what will work.