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Upwork invoice

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Cristian B Member Since: Aug 23, 2017
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@Phyllis: 3% is what you pay unless you make less than 500K euros yearly, afterwards the tax changes to 16% out of the company profit.


I'm not sure what answer to give about living in Romania :)) I couldn't really make a comparison, since I've never lived anywhere else. It's a place where civilization and primitivity  coexist 🙂 We have modern stuff, modern people, civilized people, people that are "western" like, yet, we also have people behaving and thinking like in the middle ages, metaphorically (maybe) speaking.  The crime rate is overall low, it's a pretty safe country., I think it's a lot safer than other "civilized European" countries, where many people I know got their stuff stolen right in front of them. I think I'd rather not mention any such countries, as I don't wanna offened anyone, but they are extremely known countries 🙂


Also, it depends on the city,  cities in the west tend to be more civilized/modern/better looking  than the ones in the east . Although it's not a general rule, I live in the far east side of the country in a city that's in the top 5 most beautiful in the country.


Food is more expensive here than it is in more developed countries,  gas is also more expensive. However, the paradox is that life tends  is cheaper here. Rents are lower, and I think most other products are cheaper. The minimum wage here is $400, so life has to be cheaper, even though the same food, from the same brand costs more here than in Germany or the UK for example (but the quality and ingredients are not as good). But that's a different story 😛

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Tiffany S Member Since: Jan 15, 2016
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@Phyllis G wrote:

I would very much like to pay 3% tax on my gross earnings. What is it like to live in Romania?

 Unfortunately, if you're a U.S. citizen, your U.S. income taxes would remain the same even if you were living in Romania full-time.