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Upwork is more difficult than ever to get hired!



I used Upwork before (like 7-8 years ago) and it was easier at that time to get hired.


I am experienced in my own field and with Upwork platform as well, however, I had to delete my Upwork account (at that time) due to some personal engagements.


I have joined Upwork back again a few months ago, I submitted 40+ proposals (most of them still sitting in my proposals and jobs still opened), I nearly get 4 views on my 40+ proposals and spent like 800 connects without any results yet!


I was interviewed twice but not concluded due to lower rates from other freelancers!


My personal opinion is that Upwork should be reviewing the minimum average hourly rate that all freelancers need to respect depending on the project type, because $3 per hour in such difficult industry IS NOT something that can be afforded by freelancers from many countries and having worked with remote companies for more than 20 years compared to many newbies in the industry isn't fair that we should be using such rate to be hired for a job when we have learned so much and proved our capacities already.

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Noone can force to price. If someone will do it for $3 but you want $300 it is your problem. But 3 is fake price: bots set it. When 100 bots applied with $3 and only you with $30 then client think that real price is $3.

About no hiring: clients gone, thats why you didnt hired. Newbie must spend and 200 more proposals now. Many never hired at all. Sorry, but as is. 

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So, if that's the case, as you mentioned "it's my problem", at least reduce the number of connects required to submit a proposal, if I need to submit 200 proposals so I can get hired (even no guarantee about that), meaning I should be spending 3200 connects even before I get any job, like spending $200 to $500 before even getting a job! If that make a sense to you, that doesn't make any sense for me... Using freelancer to get more money and then say bots are bidding, well, that's really nonsense...

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At least, if Upwork really cares about freelances, who are part of its core revenues, for any proposals without any action after a period of one month from the client, the invested connects should be refund so we can keep sending more proposals!

I've been saying this myself Jean Pierre and all Upwork would say was that they try their hardest to contact clients to close inactive jobs. I think this is nonsense. It would not be that difficult to implement a system that automatically closes inactive jobs after a certain period. But that would require returning our connects. I pay for premium, I pay to apply for jobs, I pay to have an availability badge, I pay to boost proposals and I pay to boost my profile. The site is becomming unusable

I definitely agree Stephen, I just did the same over 1 month already, paying for premium, purchasing extra connects, boost my profile etc. but it seems that Upwork is just taking our hard worked money but not listening nor doing anything for us who are investing lots of money on its platform, just promissing things but without any results!

There should be a system where after say, every two or three weeks the client is asked to reconfirm that the job is still active.  If it is not or no confirmation is received, the job should be closed.  It is terrible that freelancers are still spending Connects in the hope that the job is still active.  In cases where the job is inactive, the continuous spending on Connects only benefits one party.

I totally agree with this option, Upwork is just thinking about its own pocket while making freelancers spending lots of money just to get hired for a job to survive for their own needs and family needs which is inhuman.

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Regrettably, Upwork has undergone significant changes over the past year that are affecting meritocracy and quality. Even experienced Top Rated Plus freelancers like myself, with over 250 projects rated with 5 stars, are facing new challenges due to the introduction of the 'Boost your Profile' feature (check my post: https://community.upwork.com/t5/Freelancers/BOOST-YOUR-PROFILE-A-QUALITY-AND-MERITOCRACY-KILLER-TOOL...)


In my view, Upwork should prioritize quality by giving preference to skills and expertise. They could consider initiatives such as welcoming new freelancers with discounts or offering connects refunds for unviewed proposals, as well as implementing measures to counteract automated bot activity.


Unfortunately, it appears that the current management's focus is shifting towards quick profits, even at the expense of quality. Rather than favoring skills, expertise, and the growth of earnings for seasoned freelancers, the platform seems to be prioritizing monetizing job seekers, regardless of their success in landing projects.


In my opinion, this approach could compromise the quality of the platform and lead to a loss of both clients and freelancers, which is not in the best interest of the Upwork community.

For those of you who, like me, are experiencing these challenges, I encourage you to explore other avenues and opportunities to find work as I am doing myself.

Are there any sites for creatives worth joining similar to this one that you know of? After years of freelancing on here I'm considering leaving as this place has gone downhill drastically 

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