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Upwork messaging blocking Jumpshare video links that are safe



I am just trying to garner some attention to this concern and to see if anyone has a better video-sharing tool. 

Essentially I take videos during my work on a contract to send clients video updates of progress, work updates, etc. I used to use Gyazo but Gyazo has a lot of bugs and errors during recording so I tried Jumpshare which is much better but when I paste the link to my client, the link gets blocked by Upwork unnecessarily. It's a shortened link to the video recording .mp4 file, there's nothing malicious about it. I wanted to raise concerns about this overreach of security. This maybe due to Jumpshare being a file-sharing website.


Update - I will attach the .mp4 files to the chat and upload for now but will consider any alternatives received


Does anyone have any alternatives to Gyazo and now Jumpshare for delivering video recordings to clients effectively and smoothly?


Screenshot of Upwork chat after sending Jumpshare screen recording

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