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Upwork needs an update?

I think Upwork needs to update some of its features. "Analytics" is one of the helpful tools for freelancer to keep track of their profile and know what is going right and wrong. Lately, I noticed something very unusual in Analytics, such as:

  • Availability badge using my connects, not just one or two, but up to 15, but the Analytics graph does not show any views at all.
  • I sent proposals, got views and interviewed, yet the Analytics does not show the views and interviews.

I do not think that is a massive issue, but keeping track of your work is essential, and if Upwork is providing us with some tools, it should be working correctly. If not 100%, 80% or even 70% will do.



The proposal stuff is working 100%.

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My analytics shows 18,000+ profile views this year. What makes you think it doesn't work?

My analytics shows 18,000+ profile views this year. What makes you think it doesn't work?

William, like you often said: re-read.




@Ubaid the availability badge doesn't immediately make, or guarantee, people will view your profile, isn't it?


And the proposal viewed/interviewed stats is correct in me. I just checked, there used to be a "last updated" time which no longer there. This used to be what confuses some people when they see no views although they got interviewed already. Not really sure if your problem is simply because it's not updated yet, or if there's really something wrong.

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You are right, Radia. However, how can it take a week or two to get updated? From my experience, Profile Views used to be visible at the end of the day.

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I see the 'update', so did it change or did you previously misread it?


For profile, I really don't think the availability badge mean much.

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I looked at the "Proposals" for weeks, and it looked like it was miscalculating (working fine).
For the "Availability Badge", you are right, it doesn't mean much.
Thank you 😄

William, it does show stats. However, I am talking specifically about this past month or so.

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