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Upwork needs to be FAIR to all freelancers

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Gabriel D Member Since: Jul 16, 2015
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Elance is better than Upwork in all the aspects. When you are applying to a job you can use your own connects to highlight yourself from other bidders. You are able to get much more information from other freelancers and clients (including nationality: country flags included) this way you can make a strategy or a "smarter" job application.
Upwork should take best from both platforms and evolve, the current system does not works for freelancers, I´m thinking about downgrade my membership and get the Elance premium membership.

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Isaac S Member Since: Sep 15, 2015
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Thanx Gabriel. You mention something that I think is critical. That is the ability to view your COMPETITORS. This is very critical and in Elance you could view everyone who had applied with you on one page in the same way. There was no feeling like some other people already have a headstart against you. That in itself is very demoralizing. In Elance if you lost a bid then you lost fair and square.


And also importantly, you could know how much the selected bid winner was going to work for. This is important because it helps you make smarter proposals in the future since you have a very good idea of your competition and what clients are willing to pay.

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Igor S Member Since: Apr 8, 2015
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Isaac what good will it bring you if you know winning bid price ? I have never looked what other people are biding, you just calculate for yourself price and give it to client.


For example let's say winning bid for job is $100 and you calculated that it will need you $150 to cover yourself. What do you have from info that winning bid is $100 ?


You must focus on convincing client that your bid of $150 will in end save him time and money insteed that $100 bid...


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Alexandra H Member Since: Jul 30, 2015
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I think that is very good advice for a platform like this. Like Isaac, I (and I suspect most people) have a natural propensity/inclination for trying to win "market share", i.e. beating the competition in as many cases as possible. (Because we think we are businesses dealing with loyal customers or clients who will return at a later date.) But while that makes sense for the equilibrium and profit-maximzing prices, it doesn't when there is a danger of losing out on profit alltogether.