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Upwork own payment method

First off all congratulation to upwork and elance on combining and giving us more oppertunities to ddeliver .

This post is about payment methods 

as upwork offering lotf of witdrawl method and payment method fpr freelancer and buuyers I thoughts there can be a possibility that upwork providers there own payment method that is how it will work 


1. There should a payment method which should belongs to upwork only just like payonner card upwork should ointroduce there own card .

2. Now question arise upwork already offers one using payooner but there will eb difference between these two Upwork card will be linked directly to freelancer account and freelancer will be able to withdraw payment at |ATM's and POS using that card while they dont have to wait long for payment to arrive on other systems.

3. Ufcourse upwork can charge for car issue etc and can depend upon freelancer record for example they must be from top rate status or something similar as initially they should test it that this can be launched only for freelancer accros US.

4 This way upwork freelancers account will work as virtual valut .

5. As upwork security period id already extended fr hour;ly and fix price so adding this payment method.card/option can help a lot improving the speed of payment system while dpont have to touch existing system .

6. Also for paid menerships  tehre should be an iption for instant withdrawls like there should be an option available between buyers and provider premimum/paid menbers only which allows customers to release payment in quick time and its arrives in freelancers account earlier then it expected .


Thats is it for now




I can add some more suggestions here once I recieve replies from admins and gurs accross upwork

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Upwork is not a bank and as such can not legally offer any banking services.


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