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Upwork plus - invite only, see bids?

Hi all! I recently upgraded to UpWork Plus. I just received an invite only job for an Upwork Enterprise Client. I don't see the bid range. Can we not see bids for Enterprise clients? TY!

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Marissa,


Thank you for reaching out. I would like to confirm that bid ranges show the same for jobs posted by clients on all membership plans. You can find this information on the job posting under Activity on this Job Section.


Also, I checked and it looks like the bid ranges show on the job you have recently been invited to. Here is a screenshot for reference. Also please note that the bid range will not show if there are too few proposals for us to calculate the high, average and low bid.


~ Nikola
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You're probably looking at the invite. You gotta click the link to look at the job posted.

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