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Upwork requested refund for money that the client doesn't want back? Client confused as well!

Client ended contract successfully, Good feedback all 5*. But I asked why she wanted a refund for some money, and she doesn't remember asking for any refund. It's a complicated situation because she's now explaining she thinks she may have been charged more money than intended? Please help! I have screenshots!



Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Yaiko, 

I checked your account and understand where the confusion is coming from. When your client created the contract, the system required them to fund the first milestone. Your client funded the first milestone with $35. When you were finished with the project, the client released $25 as payment for the first milestone, leaving the client with $10 in escrow.


In order for the $10 to go back to the client's billing method, you will need to process the refund for the money in escrow. Please know that this will not be taken from your account balance. Once you process the refund, the money will go back to the client's billing method.

~ Avery
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