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Upwork's monthly Free Connect

Dear Freelancer,

I have been working as a freelancer Since 2011. But I think Upwork's monthly Free Connects isn't enough for any Freelancer. Can you emagine how many connects need to apply on a job post? How many monthly Free Connects? How many application can do in a month? In this case most of the freelancer need to buy connects. But every freelaner came here to earn money. There will no chance to grow a new freelancer in this way. I think it is a harmful steps for our future Freelancer. Finally I think Upworks need to more easy for freelancer. Thanks.

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It isn't up to Upwork to "grow" freelancers. Many people come here expecting to be handed jobs with noting more than a basic (or minimal) profile, no work examples, and very few connects.


What are you bringing to the table, to grow yourself? It costs money to make money. It costs Upwork money to run this website. One of the ways they generate revenue is to charge connect fees. The other way is through the fees they make as a percentage of money freelancers earn.


Spend some time in the forums. Upwork doesn't exist for the benefit of freelancers. If you want to succeed as a self-employed freelancer, you have to participate in the prcess. There are way too many freelancers here already. What do you have to offer to potential clients that nobody else is offering? Start there.

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Read what Martin wrote, because he is correct. It's not all about the freelancer.


Yes, freelancers need to buy connects. Connects are part of your business expenses, just like Internet, programs, subscriptions, etc. As a self-employed individual, you have to pay for everything, including job access.


Of course, everyone is here for money, but you have to bring your business with you. This is not the place to learn how to freelance or how to get skills.


Martin said it perfectly. Re-read what he said about "growing."


The facts are Upwork, and any business exists to make money and please shareholders. Freelancers must be responsible for everything. If you don't have money for things like connects, you will fail.


Upwork is a business that provides job access. This is not about scams or other issues, just connects. Everyone has to pay their way, with no exceptions. This is the only "fair" way to conduct business. If you don't have marketable skills, and money for your self-employment, you will fail. I don't control the way freelancing works, but I certainly recognize it and tailor my business accordingly.

To add to this chat, if Upwork lowered the requirements to bid on jobs, meaning fewer connects, so many people would be applying for jobs, that no clients would eventually ever post jobs here.


Some of the jobs are "invite only" where most people never see them, and clients can get recommendations from Upwork. This is the ideal situation for freelancers.


Circling back to the original statement about the number of connects, requiring fewer connects encourages people with few or no skills to line up for jobs they may be only marginally qualified to do, further diluting the pool of applicants. 

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Yes, I know everything. Actually I wanted to say Upwork should give more opportunity to grow freelancer.

Exactly what do you think Upwork should be doing?



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