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Upwork sent me an email

Upwork sent me an email a little bit ago.  Today I received a request from someone to edit their essay.  They wanted it done today.  I waited until 8 p.m.  He said he was still working on it.  I said, "Goodnight, I'll be here tomorrow."  


About thirty minutes later, Upwork sent me an email asking for a one question survey in exchange for 40 free connects.  They congratulated me for talking to this guy . . . then they asked if I would recommend him to other freelancers.


What is that about? I've never seen that before.


Hi Diane,


We do, on occasion, give out free Connects so we can test and improve our marketplace. If you become eligible for free Connects, we will let you know. One of our agents will also reach out to assist you directly via a support ticket.

~ Joanne
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