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Upwork support is clossing ticket that they cannot answer without any reason

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I opened a ticket to support regarding my job success. I asked for a reason as to why my scores are low even though all of the feedback are high. I only have 1 low score which is 3.5 and the rest are either 4.5 or 5.


Their explination did mot match the feedback I received from my client. I gave them some screenshot of all the feedback. What did upwork support do? They just closed the ticket without any explanation.


My case is assigned to **Edited for Community Guidelines** which he escalated to his supervisor **Edited for Community Guidelines**. **Edited for Community Guidelines** could not provide the answer so she de-escalated my case back to **Edited for Community Guidelines**. He never responded to my case just keeps tagging them as resolved.


Is the kind of value upwork support provides to their freelancer? Is this the new norm of upwork?


re: "Can you blame me if I asked support"


Not at all.


It makes sense to ask support, in an abstract, general sense.


We simply know that, based on experience, support is different in different places. The numbers are different in different places and at different companies with regards to the level of quality that can be found in their customer support department, if they have one at all.


On Upwork, with information available from customer support, the Help Section, Community Forum, and its Facebook page... there are actually a lot of resources. So the tactically smart move is to use the resource which will give you the best results with the least amount of effort. But there's no way a newcomer would necessarily know which of these resources is the best place to go.


So my advice was certainly not provided as a way to chastise or criticize anybody, but to explain the most practical, advantageous approach based on how things actually here. My advice has nothing to do with how things "should" be, or how things might be at other places.

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