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Upwork support issues

I sent an email to upwork through customer support on august 4 2022 and it is august 9 2022 I have not received any reply from them till now, and the representatives of upwork are irresponsible now they just send you some articles that you can read them yourself, I don't know what they are doing even we are paying 10-20% of our earning but still upwork is getting more glitch/bugs day by day and they don't even listen to you even their glitch/bug affected your profile. 
If any upwork representative is here please have a look in this regard.

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Did you read what was provided to you?


Not all issues should be brought up to Customer Support if ressources are available elsewhere.


You can ask your question here.

If I cannot post it here then where should I post it? because they are not replying to any of the emails.
And what resources can I read like someone else post this like "upwork is not responsive" and upwork representative reply her "we will contact you " is that resource helpful for me? what solution can I get from that? can please tell me?

You said : representatives of upwork are irresponsible now they just send you some articles that you can read them yourself. I just asked if you read what they sent.


Why are you contacting Customer support for?

because the solution I seek is not present in articles and after that, I contacted them and tell them the same I am telling here but there is not any response.
They added 1 extra job to my profile job count but I have completed only 9 jobs even though my work history is showing only 9 jobs including an in-progress one, and there is not any answer in the article. Even the representative himself admits that there should be only 9 jobs count not 10 but still, they are not correcting it, its been 2 weeks since I last spoke to them. My verified badge also disappeared, they asked me to verify my account again and I did it even though I got a notification that my profile is verified but still verified badge is not showing. So these are my problems for which I got nothing but some articles and I thought I should post here so that some other freelancers might have the same issue.

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