Upwork team app identified as malicious



i am new to upwork and just got assigned with my first hourly contract job.

I have been trying to download and install the upwork team app but my computer identifies it as a malicious file.


I was wondering whether this could in fact be a threat or not. Has anyone else had this problem?


Thanks in advance!




Yeah, cuz it takes pictures of your desktop and sends to a remote server. What antivirus? That's the one you want. lol


AVG...So i guess no harm. well, other than pics of my desktop in servers around the glob 😛

I've had that problem too.

but you downloaded it anyway i guess. it is probably ok since almost everyone in the platform works with it.

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Kleopatra and Molly,


I can assure you that the Upwork Team app is completely safe and the information collected by the Team app is kept private between you and those you work with on Upwork. However, because it uses various Windows API technologies to capture and record screen shots, some virus scans mistake this capturing and transmitting of information as potential spyware or malware. The Team App poses no security threat to your computer system and one way to avoid getting these warnings in the future is to add the app to your security scan's whitelist.


Finally, please make sure that you are downloading the Team App from this website.