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Upwork to BDO Kabayan Peso Savings Account

Hi, does anyone know if BDO Kabayan Peso Savings Account works as Upwork payment method in withdrawing your Upwork funds. 


And if yes, does a passbook work for this without having a Debit Card? 


Thank you and I appreciate your answers.


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I added my BDO Kabayan Savings account as a payment method, and they rejected it 1 day after I withdrew. But the $0.99 charge was not voided in the transaction. Can I ask about your experience?

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Hello . Did your BDO Kabayan peso savings account works as a payment? Thank You and Looking forward to your positive response.

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Hi, I also tried to add my BDO kabayan, but they also rejected it, I think because this is in dollar, and the mode we chose is to local bank which is supposed to be in Peso. 


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