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Upwork to review client way of giving feedback



I'm wondering why Upwork is not reviewing this client and put some questions why he is giving 1 star to so many freelancers. I see that already some of them quit Upwork due to so low feedback. 


Almost all his jobs are without any feedback and the ones which have, it s 1 star for hourly contracts with amount of 3000. 


How can someone work so many hours and give in the end 1 star? If you are not happy as a client why did you worked so much amount of hours and in the end you give 1 star. 


I think Upwork needs to protect also the hardworking freelancers not only the clients. Should charge fees the clients and not only the freelacers. 

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Freelancers need to look out for themselves. Who would ever accept an offer from this client? Don't they look at the client's history?

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Alan O.,


It's possible this client's feedback won't be counted in his freelancer's JSS calculations.


Upwork says the following about excluding feedback from certain clients when calculating a freelancers' Job Success Score:




See "How is My Job Success Score Calculated?", which states:


"We understand that some projects have bad outcomes because the client is difficult to work with. So we track freelancer feedback of clients and flag those clients with a history of poor collaboration. If one of your clients has been flagged (or has been suspended for Terms of Service violations), then the client's feedback will not count against your score."


So, always leave feedback for every client. Upwork pays attention to what freelancers say about clients.

Will, Thanks God I didn't worked with that client, but I was close to apply for one of his/her job.


One client like this one and upwork career is gone 




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