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Upwork tracking app Windows 11



Do you know if we can run the Upwork tracking app on Windows 11? I would like to install the new windows 11 on my laptop, but I also need to use the tracking app on a daily basis. So, can I run it on win 11?


Thank you very much,



Retired Team Member
Retired Team Member

Hi Ana Maria,


Yes, you can use our Desktop app on Windows 11. To learn more about the supported operating systems, check out this Help Article. Thank you.

~ Goran
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Hi Maria

You can use the Upwork hourly tracking app on Windows 11 as well.


It runs and functions the same as in Windows 10. I was using OS 10 as at September, but updated my Windows to 11, and everything is working perfect..


I ain't have no issues with the app; doesn't hand and hasn't crashed.


Go ahead and check it out.  If you face any issues, ask Upwork for help or you drop a comment here and I would assist you. 

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what version of Upwork works best for windows 11?


Use the latest version of the Upwork Desktop tracking app found here 

Whether you are running Windows 11 or 10, the app works fine.


Meanwhile, note that some unstable versions of Windows 11 can deliberately "hang" your app while tracking. I recently noticed that my system speed slows down once I start tracking time. I believe this is in combination with lots of open tabs and running internet connection. 


You just have to ensure your PC has a high System Speed/time, reliable graphics configuration and super functional browser (use Microsoft Edge on Windows OS)

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