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Upwork trust and safety Review message about account shares overlaps with my Clients.

Hi Everybody,

I'm facing a problem with my account. I had done a project for a client. After compliting the project Clients wanted to know my email but I refused. I deleted the message for the request of client. But now Upwork Trust & safty team message about the accout sahre overlaps and wants to know the detail. I provide them all information what happend with my clients and screenshot also. Now what will happend to my accout now?





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You are missing details in your story.  Why did he ask for your email?  Why would the Upwork team reach out to you?  This sounds sketchy.  Your profile is still live so you haven't been suspended yet.  

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giving a client your email address is not against the terms of service.

Basically Upwork have seen something that would indicate a closer connection between your client's account and your account.


What message did you delete? You response to the client where you refused to give the client your email address? Why did you delete it?


You do know that Upwork can still read messages even after you deleted them, right?



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Community Manager

Hi Fahim,


I already followed up with the team handling your case and you can expect an update on your open ticket in a timely manner.


Thank you.

~ Aleksandar
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