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Upwork, we are not able to merge accounts, are you kidding us?!

Ace Contributor

I've been working both on Upwork and Elance for around 8 months now building perfect reputation and aerning quite a lot of money for Elance-Upwork company and now they are telling me I cannot merge 2 existing profiles.


Elance-Upwork, are you kidding us?!


Community, are you going to eat it like this?!


You can merge both

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Tony,


You should be able to merge your Elance profile with your existing Upwork profile once you receive the email with the instructions and the link. Could you please clarify why you weren't able to merge your accounts? Sorry about the confusion.

~ Valeria

Hi Valeria, Kameron R


Thank you for your answers. For some reason there was no notification about them, so I found them only now.


About my question. As I understood from speaking to an Upwork manager which reached me a couple of months ago and reading some discussions here I understood that I cannot merge all my reviews and work history from both sites. If I'm wrong and I will be able to move my working history and reviews from Elance to Upwork, that's great and I will be kindly waiting for further instructions how to do it.

Hi Tony,


In the invitation you have received via email or can access from My Jobs on Elance you will have two options:

- combine your Elance Work History with your existing Upwork Work History.

- copy your Elance account over to Upwork and close your existing Upwork account.


If you choose the first option, jobs you completed on Elancer and clients' feedback will show on your Upwork profile in your Work History.


You can find more about what information will be transferred in this help article.

~ Valeria

Wow, that's great! Thank you.


By the way, I didn't get any email about that. What is the deadline for this?


After I merge Elance work history with Upwork, will my account on Elance automatically close or I'll be able to work in it till closes?


P.S. Still no notifications about new answers to this topic on my email, though I subscribed to it.



Tony S wrote:


After I merge Elance work history with Upwork, will my account on Elance automatically close or I'll be able to work in it till closes?

 After you merge your profiles, you will still be able to continue using Elance until it closes. Completed jobs will show on your Upwork once it updates.


Unfortunately, we currently have an issue with directing Community notifications to the correct email addresses, so this feature has been disabled while we work to resolve that. Sorry about the inconvenience.

~ Valeria