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Upwork website/account not working after moving from Elance


So I received an email inviting me to move my Elance profile over to Upwork.


After following the instructions, I seem to have an account but the entire website isn't working for me. No matter what Upwork URL I enter (e.g. just it redirects me to, which just shows a blank page.


I've tried logging in on a private browsing session, on a different browser etc., no dice. I end up on


Has anyone else experienced this? Hope to fix this soon. Thank you.

Community Guru

Welcome to Upwork, Brooke. This is only the beginning.

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Brook,


Are you still unable to log into your new Upwork account? If so, could you please follow this link as contact Customer Support?

~ Valeria

I am having the exact same problem as Brook. I'm very unhappy with this change and I have an established reputation on Elance!

I just linked my Elance and Upwork profiles, and when I try to search for a job, or do anything really, it just redirects to a blank page. I also get a 503 error(found this out by checking the "network" tab in chrome dev tools.

Hi Malachi, this is a known issue that our Engineers are currently working on and should have resolved very soon. I am adding your message to a thread that has already been started on this issue. 






Yep. This is extactly what's happened to us as well. Four days now and we still can't acess our account,

Hi Jacqueline,


I am sorry about the issue you have been experiencing with using your agency account transferred from Elance. Your concern has already been escalated to our engineers and they are working to fix it as soon as possible.


I apologize for the inconvenience.

~ Valeria
Ace Contributor

Did you find a solution to this problem by any chance? I am experiencing the same issue.





Hi Kriszti,


I will pass this on to the team and update you when I have more information. Thanks for your patience, we apologize for the inconvenience.




+1 experiencing the same problem



Thank you for reporting the issue.  I apologize for the disruption to your account.  This is a known issue and we’re working hard to fix it.  We will update you here when we know it’s fixed.




Same issue for 3 days now. Not very encouraging that it still isn't fixed.

I've been having the same problem too since moving from Elance!


I can actually get a little further into Upwork now after putting my login details in, but if I click the 'Freelancers' tab I get sent to again and the same thing happens when I try to access my settings.


Also, I assume that the 'Freelancers' tab is where I search for new jobs that I can apply for?


Any help is much appreciated!

Hi Ben,


It sounds like you are looking at your client profile. You got both your client and your freelancer profiles copied to Upwork. In order to start searching for jobs and applying, you need to switch to your freelancer profile by clicking on your name in the right upper corner and selecting the second option. There you should see the Find Work tab. If you run into some problems, please contact Customer Support.

~ Valeria

I've had this issue for over a week now.... How do I get access to upwork? Elance is fine but whenever I try and log in and go to the home page, I get:


With a blank screen - very frustrating...

I apologize for the error you’re experiencing.  To fix it, please go to


This should allow you to finish your profile set up and should correct the issue.


Great! Thanks, Lena! I'm now on!