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Upwork website multi language support?


Does the Upwork website have multi language support?

I have a client who only speaks  French and  he asked me if there is a French version of the website. If there is`nt, why not have a built-in language translation option?





Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Constantin,


Upwork website is in the English language and there are no other languages available for you to use. I'll go ahead and share your feedback with the team for review.


If you or your client are using Google Chrome, you can translate a website into your local language by following this help article from Google.


Thank you.

~ Aleksandar

Hello Aleksandar, 

Thanks for the reply!

I have sent the Google link to the possible client, i hope he will manage to register to Upwork  using my invitation link or using the direct contract feature.

It is however not a bad  ideea if you could have a built-in multi language or translation feature.


Hi Constantin,


You can always let your client know if they need any help to reach out to us on any official Upwork social media channels. You can find the links in the footer section of the Community.


Thank you.

~ Aleksandar
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