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Upworks decline

Its a **bleep** shame to see how far Upwork has fallen. Used to be a pleasure looking for new work. These days with the connect cost of projects combined with the bidding mechanism and the ammount of scams and forgoten projects it has become an outright waste of money. When you give 30 connects to a fake project you have not been scammed by the scamers yet but you have been scammed by Upwork. They justified price increases and bidding by caling it an investment in ones future. Doesn't take much to see what a bad investment it is. **bleep** shame indeed to se a good platform ruined by greed.

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I think that's exactly why it exists: to weed out people for who it won't be worth it because their rate of being hired is too low to justify connect expenses. It's competition.

That said, i realise that indeed getting a good project by bidding is rare. Majority come from invites anyway.

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Interestingly, Upwork's "decline" from a freelancer perspective is Upwork succeeding for the first time in its history.

It means that these measures work. People who don't stand the competition and used to only win some projects by massive spamming, now found themselves at a loss and are unable to continue because they spend on connects more then they make. This reduces clutter and clients can pick qualified freelancers better.

I am a small time client myself, and on my recent project, out of 45 freelancers who applied, 4 were actually decent and one did the (paid!) test task on a good level, with 3 more willing to take on it and appearing qualified (but i ended up still hiring someone not from Upwork because search on job sites yielded more results). It means around 10% rate of at least halfway usable developers and probably about 1% hiring rate of all applicants. Big progress compared to endless sea of spam with little of value in it which it was a year ago.

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