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Upwrok dropped so many star-rating score!.

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Weera P Member Since: Sep 11, 2013
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I completed a project for one of my client with $700 and  the client leave me a 5 start feedback , my star -rating was increased by 1.


With the second contract with $1,100+ for the same Team, one person of the Team ended contract leave 4.55 star-rating, Upwork  dropped my star-rating more than 12 points.


He did not tell me before ending the contract, I don't know it it was ended properly with succesful. Client is completely new to upwork.


I feel reluctant to ask for 5 star feedback and force client to leave me with 5 star or end as successful is not my job.


The same client openned new contract with fixed($6,000) rate. We haven't started new project yet. I am unsure if client would like to move on or cancel it.


I have worked for free for 2 weeks for previous contract. I am ok. We have been discussing about re-write the whole project.


I am unsure if client would like to move on or cancel. if they cancel, it count against me again.


I came to the project too late. I am understanding about client's situaltion because they have throw a lot of money on the fire with the previous developer.


I told them so many time before starting to work about their code and based on a tigh coupled architecture.


First version of their app was written with c++ and the second app was re-written with C# WPF, there's lot of problem with current code.


They would like their code to support Acceptance test or Automated test, Unit Test and localization, with the current code it doesn't support.


That is why I offered them about re-write the app with fixed rate.


Why upwork drops so many score?




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Jennifer M Member Since: May 17, 2015
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New clients are a bit of a gamble. They don't know how the system works, so they can be a killer on stats. They disappear a lot. They don't communicate well because they don't know the drill on here. They don't know the importance of ratings and all that.


However, they can sometimes be great income because if they like you, they won't go to anyone else. You get to them before the others.


It's a gamble.


It's odd that they created a new project for $6k. He must have discussed something with you before doing something like that?

Communication is key and I suspect there are some disconnects when English isn't the developer's first language that cause issues. You don't have to accept the $6k. If you do, be very specific on what that $6k covers.

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Weera P Member Since: Sep 11, 2013
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Thanks Jennifer, You're brilliant to help people on the forum. Actually, client are really great. even if I am able to deliver better quality code or robust code. What will happen? if client would like to take their money back and file a dispute.



What I can do is just trust them and play the game.  555+