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Urgent Help Needed- Freelancer signed out of account by Upwork

Hi, I am writing here on behalf of my sister **Edited for Community Guidelines** as she has been locked out of her account. She had an issue that she was not receiving an authentication code for log in and an Upwork representative sent her an email after verifying her identity that they've now changed the password and the new password has been sent in email. NO PASSWORD HAS BEEN SENT and she is now locked out of her account and cannot even post here in community tab and has clients waiting for work and replies. Please urgent help is required, she has worked on Upwork for years and is top rated, help her get her account back. And she didn't even want her password changed so why did Upwork do that? And this is incompetence on Upwork's behalf that their codes don't even reach a person's phone or email and now she could lose a project because of it because she can't access her account. The request ID is 33705086 as mentioned on email correspondence with Upwork representative, can someone help and trace this? What should she do now? 

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Community Manager

Hi Zeeshan,


I'm sorry to hear your sister is having trouble with her account. Please know, we're unable to discuss any details of another user's account with you because of privacy reasons. Since you mention that your sister is already communicating with our support team via email, please advise her to continue to do so as they are the ones who can best assist her.


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She has sent 3 emails to the support team that she is locked out of her account, they have not responded and it's been over 10 hours. Can you take the support number and at least have them contact her? She is unable to write here in community tab, who should she contact then? Please just tell them to contact her on her email and give her access to her account. 

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