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Urgent help

Hello guys, one of my client end the contract and request the refund because isnt satisfaid, but i talked with him and exlain to him that thsi is a first draft of logo concepts i need your feedback to continue working, he say okey i give you another chance, give me 3 concepts if i like it i will send you a new contract, i give to him so many concepts and is now satisfied with work, he ask me to approve the refund to send me the new contract, i approved and sent to him a new contract but now he say (I will approve this contract once after I receive the funds to my account) i think he withdraw the money to his bank and scamming me. i need help how to report him because the refund it's automatically credited back to his billing method, and now say takes 24h.

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While it makes no sense to cancel one contract just to create another, the client does not sound like a scammer to me. Do logos have source codes? No idea. That sounds a bit strange, what is this about?

Hi Martina, i didn't send him the source file, I'm waiting for the new contract, but i feel that something wrong

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I don't know. Sounds legit to me. 

If the refund is approved by the freelancer or agency, it's automatically credited back to your billing method immediately.

the client wants me to wait for 24h why? that's why i have that feeling, by the way thanks for your help Martina

It says it can take days. So far I don't see a problem. What is unclear is why you agreed to a new contract and not use the first one, that makes no sense to me. 

While Upwork might make the return within 24 hours, it can take days to show in their account.

Thanks, guys for your help

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Sorry about that. There are a lot of clients trying to get the advantage of freelancers. I will suggest you avoid sending the source files of your work right now. You can give him a review if he already ended the contract so this client does not continue doing this to other freelancers.

You can also try messaging back again, and as a suggestion, in the future, do not approve any refund until you're 100% that is the right move for you.


This might help you:


Thanks Mario Alberto for your help

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