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Using Extensions to find jobs and write proposals.

Hi everyone, I have a quick question. Can we use chrome extensions to find perfect jobs and to write proposals? Is it legal to use them? I was just curious about it because I see people using them and finding better jobs and writing better proposals. Please let me know. Thank you


Hi Sohit,


Thanks for reaching out with your question. I believe this would be against our Terms of Service. You can check Section 3.5 of the Terms of Use for more information.



So, an extension like "upalert ai cover letters" is also illegal to use? It's like chatgpt but with Chrome extension.

Sohit, you can learn what we have to say about the use of AI on Upwork in this post.


Regarding the extension, all users are responsible for any extension that they use, including making sure the extension is safe and complies with Upwork’s Terms of Service. Any extension can include risks, and we are not responsible for any data loss, malicious activities, or violation of Upwork’s Terms of Service, Terms of Use, and API Terms of Use that may happen if you choose to use an extension. You can check out this help article for more information. 


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