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Using the power of RSS Feeds with Advance RSS functions to Filter Jobs on Upwork

If you just started your freelancing journey and you have no idea what an RSS feed is and how the RSS feed can help you Tu To filter the jobs that you are looking for or you need to look into this topic for other


Hi, my name is Sajjad and I have been a top-rated freelancer on Upwork.  I've been using the power of RSS feeds in my freelancing career and it has changed my world altogether,


What took me 8 to 10 hours to filter the job now just takes me hardly one hour to do the same amount of work in a highly efficient and effective manner.  the technique is simple you connect an RSS feed reader with your job post or your saved searches and allowed the RSS feed program to receive jobs automatically on a daily basis 24/7/365 it allows you to filter jobs as an RSS feed reader has a lot of Advanced functions


Functions like color coding and jobs for assigning points to jobs according to what words are present inside a specific job and maybe marking the jobs that are an element as marked as read so that you don't have to look at jobs that are absolutely not relevant to you


I did not invent this technique I found this technique from one of the three lenses using the RSS technique but there was nothing about the RSS feed RSS technique that is used on the Internet anywhere.  I have owned the RSS feed technique and skill and now I teach the skill to the whole world if you are a beginner freelancer I want you to you absolutely consider using advanced RSS feed functions because is going to make your life much much easier and is going to allow you to look add only relevant jobs that matter most to you, the saving you a lot of time and hassle and making your work more productive and efficient throughout your freelancing journey


I have attached a screenshot for you to look at so you know how I see my jobs you can see that the jobs that you look at in the image that is attached with this article the jobs are color-coded each color represents a different all amount so I know even before I  click the job I know what dollar amount of what dollar value that job is and whether it is relevant to me or not.  this is just one of the advanced techniques that are used which helps me out in filtering jobs there are so many more advanced functions and features in an RSS feed that is going to Blow Your Mind away. 


If you want to learn more about RSS feed advanced techniques you can leave a comment below and I will let you know how you can go about applying these techniques which are going to make searching for relevant jobs for you as lewdly easy E and painless.


 thank you

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