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Using upwork with VPN



I live in pakistan and i am using internet from one of the internet service provider here, but i recently find out he is providing internet with using some VPN. I am not sure which VPN what is the ip adress etc. I am not using VPN directly but my internet provider is using VPN. I want to be sure that It won't  create any problems for me and suspended if I will use Upwork with this internet. I have already verified my profile, but I want a 100% guarantee that my account will not be blocked.


Please help me out and let me know about this. Can i keep on using this internet ? 


Thank you in advance. 



Upwork users are allowed to use VPN. This is not a reason why users have accounts suspended or sanctioned,

Thank you so much Preston for your quick response. 


I just want to mention here again that its not me who is using VPN directly but my internet service provider is using VPN. Is there anything i should be worried about? Can i keep on using this internet?



Thank you again.

Don't worry about this.

Right Sir.


Thank you.

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