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Re: VAT / Invoice / Tax authorities

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Beatriz A Member Since: Jun 23, 2015
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 wHi everyone! 


Noelia, thank you for your clarifying reply. 


But I would like to point out something that had made me doubt recently:

I have been declaring my invoices as you mentioned. May I ask, do you add in your invoices (when translated to Spanish and converted to €) the number of Upwork's invoice?

Now my doubt that makes me think we might not be proceeding correctly.  About a month ago, discussing with a Spanish client how we would assess the IRPF and IVA in the bills, he explained me the invoices he receives from Upwork do not have any of my details. Upwork invoices him with the US address (I have seen the invoice). 

So what happens with all of us declaring invoices with the details of our EU clients, and when the AEAT or EU process them,  they will not find the matching invoice because the client will not declare it? How my Spanish client is supposed to face my IRPF if he has an invoice from Upwork with the platform details, not my details...? Once again, it seems Upwork is avoiding making things clear, easy and meeting EU requirements... (if it just an intermediary to deal with the payments, lets say like Paypal, all the clients/freelancers details should be open as soon as you sign a contract or at least notified by Upwork if is a client/freelancer identified with a VAT number...  


I strongly appreciate some other insights on the subjects, as I have been dealing with this for the past 2 years with my tax advisor and we are continuously finding things unclear or dubious... 



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Lucy B Member Since: Feb 20, 2017
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My gestor has told me that the Upwork invoices are completely useless. The amounts need to be in Euros not dollars and where VAT is not applicable, I have to state this. Bascially, the invoice system for anyone outside the US is pretty rubbish! 

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Aron H Member Since: Mar 29, 2017
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I can back up what lucy said. I am from Germany and my finances guy basically said something like "wtf is this **bleep**, that's entirely useless!" with a bit more diplomatic wording.

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Tamara D Member Since: Sep 25, 2018
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I don't know if I am mistaken but my accountant insists that if I want to work for Upwork I have to apply always the Spanish VAT as the work I will be doing will be performed in Spain, even if the client is abroad. So I am not sure how you could clarify this. If you are for example an architect and you work in the USA being Spanish, of course, your invoices have to be without VAT but if you work here in Spain doing designs for them you need to apply the Spanish VAT as you are performing your work here. 


Does anyone have some info on this?


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Brindusa Antonia V Member Since: Sep 12, 2017
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Hi Noelia, I read this post of yours. Mind you explaining me how can you send  your client the invoice for the work done on Upwork since it is Upwork it self sending it?

I have the VAT and fight my way to understand HOW in the name of GOD can I send the invoice to Upwork. because, FYI, the payment is always received from UPWORK account to my bank account, not from my customer account.

Any idea?

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Miguel C Member Since: Jun 3, 2019
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my name is Miguel, and I'm a new freelaner from Spain here on Upwork. I saw your post about declaring income as an autónomo in spain and I wanted to ask if you were still doing what you described: generating your own invoices with the end client's info. What do you do when the client doesn't want to share their address and tax ID? I've been facing that quite a lot lately. It's tricky, especially when all one wants to do is to legally declare things...


Hope all is well.