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VAT and Germany: I know there is a thread but I am more than confused. Help!

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Dr. Seun O Member Since: Mar 19, 2019
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Hello Everyone,


so I am sure there is a thread on VAT for German freelancer because I read it. However, I am still as confused as ever.


I know if you not enter a VAT-Id upwork will deduct the VAT on your behalf and remit it to Germany through the Moss scheme. Here then are my questions:


a. this VAT remitted by Upwork, can one fill it up during the quarterly VAT declaration here in Germany. If yes? How? I asked the question 'how' because I did not file it; is there a unique number to use of the invoice number is suffice?

b. So after Upwork deduct this VAT on my behalf, do I still need to pay VAT on the amount remaining between myself and the client (assuming the client is 1. in Germany 2. outside Germany but EU, 3. in the USA)


Thanks, and I would really appreciate help here.