VAT for a non resident LTD in London

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I had a question: I'm opening a LTD in London as non resident. The suppose invoice will be under the lower invoice needed to have to access to a VAT number. I would like to know how the VAT would be calculated in this case.


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Harold René.




Upwork will NOT be able to advise you as to how company law works in UK.


If you have a Ltd UK company that is registered with Companies House, you have to register for VAT if your supply threshold is likely to exceed £73,000 (I think this is at 20%). However, even if you have a Ltd company in UK, and you operate outside the UK, local (i.e. where you live) VAT applies. This is a very simplistic explanation and you would probably  need an international accountant/company lawyer to advise you fully. 


Upwork is actually quite simple. If you have a VAT number, regardless of where you pay your taxes, and you enter it in your accounts page, you will not have to pay Upwork's 10% VAT on the service charge.


Upwork is not responsible for your personal tax calculations.