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VAT number not approved - but it IS valid one

Is there ANY way to approve my VAT number that IS correct? All I get is "not approved" and it's not true, I use this number for YEARS and only Upwork seems to deny that it is correct. Do you, by some miracle, have your own, magical tools that do not approve legal stuff? I don't expect professional reply from support, only generic one copy-paste template, nonetheless I sent my request and waiting what they copy-paste (if it will be going to VIES then, well, nope, I did and honestly, VIES is NOT a way to validate VAT numbers as information there is not updated as frequently as it should be and many valid VAT numbers are giving "invalid" information). 

Second question - should I revert to acting against the law to get rid of all these issues I face every day when I want to act according to law (sarcasm intended)? When I see how many problems normal people are facing when they want to just act fair I wonder why we have law in the first place. Those who cheat and steal have so much less problems, they just don't give a **bleep** about any rules AND I can see it even on Upwork... So sad world we live in.


Hi Olga,


I see that you already have an open ticket for this concern. I'll follow up with the team that's handling your concern, and they'll update your ticket to assist you directly. Thank you for your patience. 

~ Joanne
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They won't help. They don't understand that Poland will not update this info. My official document is worthless. Apparently, Upwork is a form of independent country, having its own fantastic rules that do not accept internationl and local ones. Honestly, one willing to live according to law better think twice because obviously cheating and stealing is better. Much less trouble.

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