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Valeria/Garnor, Please refund my 2 connects SCAM

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Preston H Member Since: Nov 24, 2014
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re: "We're working to address any jobs that you report."


It is good that oDesk is working to address scam/fraudulent jobs reported here in the Community Forum.


But this is absolutely not a sufficient tool for reporting these types of clients and scam jobs.


Only a tiny fraction of oDesk contractors know about the Community Forum. There is nothing in the oDesk interface or user information that would indicate that a contractor should report such problems in the Community Forum.


This is a place where oDesk users can discuss various topics. It really shouldn't be the way that scam jobs are reported. We should be able to discuss scam jobs here, but this isn't where they should be reported.


There should be a specific oDesk interface tool for reporting scam jobs, scam clients, and predator clients.


And "Customer Support" is not that tool, either. Customer Support is the last resort of desperation, and should absolutely not be used for reporting scam jobs and predatory clients.

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Natalia G Member Since: Jun 8, 2008
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Exacty Preston!!


And when Garnor says "we will address any jobs youreport" what does this mean? (report)


  • Report it here in the foums? This particular job has been mentioned several times in the forum and this client and his jobs are still up and people are still wasting their connects for it. 
  • Report it by flagging? None of the job posts I flagged have been dealt with, still up.I want to know exactly what the consequences for flagging a job are... what happens afterwards, does anyone actually look at these?
  • Send a ticket? All you get is "we will send this to our team blah blah" and the job post never gets dealt with, still up.

I have flagged this particular job 4 times now. (see screengrab attached) Everytime I visit it to see its status the flagging is gone, job still up, I flag again....Everytime I look it has more applicants...


HOW DO I REPORT A JOB PROPERLY SO THAT IT´S REALLY REMOVED? Every minute that passes some poor innocent freelancer is falling for these!



  • Set up a system to report these jobs in a way that it really gets dealt with.
  • Make every new client have to verify their identity by credit card, and if this inconvenient for the client... , well I am sorry. It´s inconvenient for me too to have to sort through scam jobs for hours everyday. If they do not want to verify payment then why are they here???? When I started as a freelancer I verified my identity straigh away, no questions asked, because I really wanted to work. I wasn´t here just to pass the time!


Please Garnor, may you tell me how I should report these jobs?



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Stefan C Member Since: Nov 1, 2011
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Proper way to flag a job.

If that doesn't work, use russian flag (strong flag).

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Natalia G Member Since: Jun 8, 2008
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LOL Stefan!


Thanks for making me laugh! Really, you have to laugh, otherwise I would have a nervous breakdown seriously!



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Oreofe J Member Since: May 8, 2015
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And a big thank you evryone who has contributed to this particular post. Indeed only a tiny fraction of contractors migh be aware of this forum butI have learnt quite a number of things. Much obliged Natalia , Granor and everyone one else

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Preston H Member Since: Nov 24, 2014
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Natalia, thank up you for your excellent notes about the fact that Upwork currently has no system for reporting scam clients, scam jobs,,and predatory clients, despite the fact that these things are persistent problems.

I want to reiterate and expand upon a point you made.

In order for this system to work well, it is necessary for Upwork to automatically report back to the contractor who reports or flags scam/predatory jobs and clients.

This does NOT mean that Upwork must always take the action that the contractor wants.

Sometimes the contractor will be wrong. Sometimes the contractor will have a different opinion than Upwork about what action to take. But Upwork must report.

Or else how can it expect contractors to offer as much free service to Upwork?

Imagine you are an athlete practicing for a race? You run laps and practice the race, and your coach doesn't tell you how fast you ran the race? How would you know if your practices were worthwhile? How would you know which techniques are effective?

You need to get feedback.

In fact, your My Stats pages should report on how many scam/predatory jobs we reported, and how many job postings were removed and how many clients were removed that we reported. This would go a long way toward providing motivation for us to continue providing this vital free service to Upwork.